Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stuff Boston University Students Like is MOVING

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#4 Marathon Monday

Once again the most sacred day in the religion of the red cup has passed us by.
Boston University students celebrated this day by waking up at 7 am for kegs and eggs, screaming at and cheering on runners of the Boston marathon, and making poor decisions.

Marathon Monday is perhaps the one thing that really unites the school. That fact should probably be reexamined...

But I digress. Patriot's Day is something that upperclassmen talk about all year round. As a result of their exultations, freshmen look forward to experiencing this mythical holiday from the moment that they walk on campus, to the moment dawn breaks on that third Monday in April. But Lord help those silly freshmen who make travel plans when they find out they have a long weekend!

Insane attire is not only common but recommended on this holiday. Group t-shirts are often used so that people can easily identify each other/try to avoid getting lost.

Freshmen can generally be identified on this most sacred of days by their utter astonishment at the shenanigans taking place on Beacon street between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm. In general, they quickly adjust, but a freshman year Marathon Monday is not complete without one of the following: a) the destruction of a phone 2) vomiting in the Warren Towers 4th floor bathroom and/or Beacon street iii) getting in the spirit a little too enthusiastically and passing out by 2 pm IV) losing all of one's friends.

73% of the best memories of Boston University come from a student's Marathon Monday experiences. (Disclaimer: that statistic is highly unscientific.)

A common question after the passing of Marathon Monday is: "Wait...there was a race? There were runners? I thought my life was just in shambles for a day."

Upperclassmen generally have a disregard for all acceptable standards of behavior on Marathon Monday. Walk into a random person's apartment? Awesome! Just making new friends. Get into a brawl in South Campus? No one will remember what it was about when the day is through. Pee behind a dumpster? Just taking care of business. And it's totally cool because what happens on Marathon Monday, stays on Marathon Monday.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mugar Library

But only at finals.

During the first weeks of December and May, the ass-ugly Brutalist building is jam packed with BU kids trying to cram all the information into their heads that they missed all semester by killing brain cells at T's, Jtree, etc, etc, etccccccc. Didn't see you there all semester guys, why the sudden desire to bring a cot and spend 24 hours a day there? PS, it's a library - we can hear your entire conversation on the phone even though you're in the bathroom, and whispering is unacceptable for more than 30 seconds, ESPECIALLY after 2 am when there's 1000 people crammed onto the 2nd floor.

All BU kids especially love the new remodel, which came at a cost of a couple million - yet the computers still run as slow as shit. AWESOME TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES!

But most importantly, a lot of Boston University students take advantage of Mugar for the social opportunities. While many do go there to actually get work done, many more go and take frequent "study breaks," roaming the 3rd floor looking for people to say hello to. Many students also like to complain about the hours they spend there; however, the number of hours they are also on Facebook chat could be indicative of what they are actually doing there.

Mugar used in a sentence:
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Oh man, I'm going to Mugar, I have sooooo much work to do. I'll find you on the 3rd floor later to say hi."

"I spent all day in Mugar."
"You must have gotten so much work done!"
"No not really, everyone in our sorority was there, and so were a bunch of cute guys."

Additionally, many Boston University students like to brag about the fact that the 3rd floor of Mugar library was voted "most sexually active college library" by Playboy or something like that blah blah.
First of all, has this ever been substantiated? If so, what YEAR was it voted? I'm pretty sure that most of the people who inhabit Mugar on a regular basis, even if they clean up pretty well, generally look kind of a mess. People ask them if they've dyed their hair because they haven't showered in a significant period time, and these Mugar-ites are so cracked out they couldn't tell you what day it is, only the formula for gravity and whatever they've just memorized directly out of their orgo textbook.
Though if I do think about it, during the regular semester, Mugar after midnight becomes kind of like T's Pub for the studious Asians - there have been confirmed makeout sessions in the wee hours of the morning. Hmmm Playboy maybe you do have a point.
But this Playboy thing - I feel like saying that Mugar was named a top sexually active library is like saying that my high school English teacher was once a Playmate - it most likely happened before the Internet, so who the hell is going to be able to substantiate the claim now?
In my opinion, kudos to whoever made up this "fact" about BU - maybe it keeps the attention for 1 second of a party boy on the tour who is just going to go to Penn State anyway.

Written from the Law Library.

Friday, October 16, 2009

#2 Boston University Men's Ice Hockey


Some colleges have football. Others are basketball mad. Boston University students are crazy

It makes sense, considering the generally arctic conditions on Comm Ave, but since BU's football team has been undefeated since 1997, and the basketball team has pretty much not had any expectations in close to a decade, hockey is the only sport to get behind for BU students.

BU students and alumni congregate at Agganis Arena for every home game, creating a crowd of generally close to capacity, cheering on the 26 cockiest males at Boston University with a variety of creative chants and rituals. Sasquatch takes his shirt off and goes buck wild in the 3rd period. The legendary Chris Parks directs the BU band to a multitude of crowd favorites such as Let It Rock. The Hot Dog and Jesus...well, they attend the games. And somehow BC sucks, even if the Terriers are nipping at the heels of Lowell.

All freshmen buy season tickets and try to get into T's pub to get a chance to (GASP) meet some of the players one night.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

#1 T. Anthony

Boston University is unique in the sense that it has students that hail from all 50 states and and over 100 countries. But no matter what a BU student's primary language is, there is one thing that unites them all - a great love for all things T. Anthony.

While every college campus has a couple of go-to cheap eateries, the devotion to T. Anthony at BU has become close to a religion (certainly with more worshippers than at services in Marsh Chapel). Every BU student has been to T. Anthony at least once, but most consider it a second home. Mike, Nick, Carmella, Derek, Paulie and more - every BU student seems to know at least one of the dedicated employees there, and has even gone out with them on occasion. Freshmen are intimidated by these legends, who can come off as gruff and blase at first, but have the incredible ability of remembering dozens of orders at a time when that 2 am rush of drunken revelers comes in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (always able to magically finding a table no matter how crowded it is).

The West Campus eatery has been an institution for years, and is a go-to spot for BU athletes after their games (the hockey team, however, doesn't deign to go there after games and instead has it delivered to Agganis Arena). Former and current BU athletes can find pictures of themselves all over the walls, celebrating the glory that is BU athletics.

T. Anthony also offers the best chicken parm sub around, which has become an integral part of the Boston University Student's life. If you ever encounter a Boston University Student, you can make him or her feel at ease by mentioning your love of T. Anthony (and hatred of Boston College).